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Saturday, October 11th, 2008

Note to self: don’t leave your bike parked downtown (or indeed on public streets) over the night.  Apparently there is a great deal of pleasure to be had by thrashing other people’s bicycles.  And while I take pleasure from seeing my fellow man enjoying himself, I cannot really afford to sponsor it any more.

I parked my bike on Magasinsgatan last night in order to watch Rabalder perform Requiem. (The concert was a treat in a way that would have made Mozart green with envy.  He would have died to have electric guitars in his setting!)  After the concert, I left the bike there and chose to walk to the next event (this being Kulturnatta) together with friends.  I live three blocks away and planned to pick up the bike on my way home.  Of course, I pride myself by not living by plans, and when picking up the bike on the way home turned out to be a six block detour, I decided to leave it for today.

I’ll have to walk more than six blocks to the bike shop to have the three kicked-off spokes replaced, though.  Hopefully it will be cheaper than having the front wheel replaced, like last time, or replacing the night lights the time before that.

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Thursday, October 09th, 2008

Apparently something called “click-jacking” can be used to hijack the microphone and camera on my laptop and the way to avoid that is to tell Flash that it can never ever have access to mike and cam.  Fine, done.

There is a patch coming out in a few weeks (or it may just be included in Flash 10 which I suppose will be a mandatory upgrade).  Fine again.  But how will I remember to go back and restore Flash’s access to my microphone and camera?  Well, hopefully I will see this blog entry the next time I write something.  Note to self.

Source: Macworld.

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