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Note to self: don’t leave your bike parked downtown (or indeed on public streets) over the night.  Apparently there is a great deal of pleasure to be had by thrashing other people’s bicycles.  And while I take pleasure from seeing my fellow man enjoying himself, I cannot really afford to sponsor it any more.

I parked my bike on Magasinsgatan last night in order to watch Rabalder perform Requiem. (The concert was a treat in a way that would have made Mozart green with envy.  He would have died to have electric guitars in his setting!)  After the concert, I left the bike there and chose to walk to the next event (this being Kulturnatta) together with friends.  I live three blocks away and planned to pick up the bike on my way home.  Of course, I pride myself by not living by plans, and when picking up the bike on the way home turned out to be a six block detour, I decided to leave it for today.

I’ll have to walk more than six blocks to the bike shop to have the three kicked-off spokes replaced, though.  Hopefully it will be cheaper than having the front wheel replaced, like last time, or replacing the night lights the time before that.

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  1. Rabalder has a new website, so the link above doesn’t work any more: instead go to

    AND we have a new show coming up at Frölunda Kulturhus, starting April 17 – you’re more than welcome to attend!


    Amanda, Rabalder singer

  2. 2
    David Vrensk 

    Thank you! I’ve updated the link.