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FS-data was the first web hotel in Sweden to support Ruby on Rails (in August 2006, I think) and I’m glad they did. Unfortunately they haven’t touched their setup since, so patrons are still limited to (a) apps in subdirectories only and (b) FastCGI (FCGI). I have seen many complaints about FCGI, but I have only one: it’s really hard to know if it’s running my latest release. FS-data have added a control panel of sorts, but it’s pretty unreliable. Thus, I have to resort to killing. But what to kill?

$ ps -fe | grep rails
wcj      27292  3558 27 13:41 ?        00:00:02 RAILS: /home/w/wcj/rails/sis/public/dispatch.fcgi
wcj      27365  3558 40 13:41 ?        00:00:02 RAILS: /home/w/wcj/rails/sis/public/dispatch.fcgi

With more than two processes I refuse to kill by PID – FCGI is just too quick to spawn new processes, and I’m not sure if they will run the right version of my app either. So it’s killall. But what to killall?

$ killall -9 'RAILS: /home/w/wcj/rails/sis/public/dispatch.fcgi'

does not work. So it’s ps to the rescue:

$ ps -eo pid,comm:30
27365 rails_dispatche
27292 rails_dispatche

rails_dispatche, really? No final ‘r’? Whatever:

killall -9 rails_dispatche

It works and I’m happy again.

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  1. Thanks for the tip! I’ve just signed up for an account at FS-data and had trouble getting the fastcgi-process for my Django-app to restart. But thanks to your tip I got it all to work just perfect=)